Image: Google My Business, Maps, Pins, Company InformationGOOGLE MY BUSINESS

As Google technology grows and develops, it’s important that you keep up with it. One change Google has recently made is that they have put much more importance on local searches which involves Google My Business (formerly Google Places Page and Google Maps). Google My Business has become what Yelp used to be, but with more direct effect on your customers to generate much more business. It’s an integral part of any business’ operation.

Image: Google My Business, Pins, Maps, Company InformationWhy Is A Google My Business Page Important?

In order to compete and to have your “pin” show up on Google Maps, it’s imperative that you have a submitted listing with Google. At Akin IT Services, we’ll get you listed on the local business center to with a full, complete offering to ensure that when people search for your profession, you show up on your local map. Further, we’ll complete all the additional information that Google now incorporates into Google My Business, including business information, live chat integration, reviews management, and much more. Google has made it critical that a business owner will “verify my business” with them, to ensure validity in their listings in search. Whether you use a desktop or the Google My Business App on your phone, having a well developed page online makes it simple to manage your business listing online.

Get yourself submitted and displaying on Google My Business today for only $150.

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Image: Bing PlacesBING PLACES

Like Google, Bing also has it’s own business management portal known as Bing Places. With the majority of new desktop, laptop PCs and Microsoft based tablets having Bing set as their default search engine, having a well developed Bing Places page set up for your company is an absolute must.

Why Is A Bing Places Page Important?

Simply, the overwhelming majority of computer users will use and will never change the default search engine that comes with their computer. On Windows based machines, that search engine is Bing. Because of this, consolidating all of your listing efforts to Google is a fatal mistake that leaves a lot of missed traffic that could be converted into customers for your business. Just as with Google My Business, Bing Places provides all of your relevant business information so that you rank well in their searches while displaying on their direction maps.

Get yourself submitted and displaying on Bing Places today for only $150.

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