Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, Facebook

Play Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a program that simply works. Statistics prove that when you utilize Pay Per Click campaigns that are set up correctly, you gain more business. In the end, that’s what you are in business for.

At Akin IT Services, our professionals will develop and manage effective Pay Per Click campaigns. We look at all the factors to ensure that you are not missing any appropriate keywords or phrases. We work with you on a time schedule to ensure you aren’t wasting your budget during off-hours times of the day. We help you understand your budget. In short, we become your business’ campaign management center from the start to the finish of your campaign.

At Akin IT Services, we can manage your campaigns on Google, Microsoft (Bing) and Facebook Pay Per Click marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns That Work

Image: Insights, PPC, statisticsWhen you hire Akin IT Services, we will provide the following for your campaign:

    • A comprehensive review and analysis of your goals as an organization (brand recognition, lead generation, online sales, online traffic).

    • Budget analysis and recommendations (establishing your budget, profit margin requirements, competitive analysis, cost per click analysis)

    • Keyword development and analysis. We work with you on what you feel your customers are searching for, combine it with competitive research, and establish a strong list that best aligns your campaign with those looking for your services.

    • Creation of accounts for Google, Microsoft and Facebook pay per click services for your company.

    • Advertising Copy Creation. We create your ads for you, based on your keyword list, and continuously test them to ensure they stay fresh and revenue generating.

  • Keyword Conversion Tracking. Code will be installed on your website to ensure we can track where your traffic came from, what campaign is producing, and which keywords or phrases are converting.

Your PPC Campaign Is Awaiting You

Let Akin IT Services set up and conduct the best Pay Per Click marketing campaign for you. Our campaigns stress budget optimization, time management, and overall results to ensure you are getting the most customer convertible clicks at the lowest cost at the right times.

Have Akin IT Services set up your Pay Per Click campaign by calling us at (330) 732-5460 or CLICK HERE.