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Purchasing a domain name (the www.xxxxxxxx.com that will represent your business) is one of the most important purchases a business can make. It’s also one that is most often done incorrectly; a lot of times with the name actually ending up being owned by someone other than the business owner.

Here’s some key points to consider regarding your domain name purchase:

  • Your website designer does not have to purchase your domain name in order to make it work for your new website.
  • If you allow someone to purchase your website for you and they purchase it in their account, the name is legally THEIRS and not YOURS. This even includes if they use your credit card to make the purchase.
  • If someone other than you owns your domain name, they do not have to ever allow you to use it.
  • Image: Domains, Purchase A Domain, Akin IT Services, LLCIf someone other than you owns your domain name, they can charge you several hundred (or even thousands) of dollars to sell it back to you.
  • If someone other than you owns your domain name, they can point your name anywhere they want it to go. Should you have a falling out with your web designer, do you really want him to be able to bring down your business’ reputation by pointing your established business name website to another location that could ruin your reputation?
  • Purchasing your own domain name is simple, and takes 5 minutes or less.

Image: Purchase, Domain, RegistrationNeed Your Domain Name Purchased? Contact Akin IT Services.

At Akin IT Services, we will gladly research available names for you and purchase your domain name for you. We’ll add the domains you purchase to your purchase library to ensure that you always own your own name. We’ll buy your domain name for you at the lowest price, which benefits you for years to come. With so many companies ending up held hostage with their domain name purchased by previous web designers, don’t you want to ensure you will ALWAYS own your name? We believe so.

Once you’ve purchased this domain, contact your Akin IT Services representative by calling (330) 732-5460 and we’ll get it pointed to your brand new website for you.