Image: SEO, User ExperienceIf you are a search engine optimization customer, be it with Akin IT Services or another company, then you are someone that understands the importance of raising your company’s profile. You understand how that directly relates to MONEY, or “return on investment (ROI)” as those that like to throw business terms around call it.

Every single SEO and marketing specialist out there will offer you various changes and adjustments you can make to how you do business. The intention is usually good and focused. They realize that when you see an uptick in business, that will directly relate to them staying in business with you. So we do our due diligence. We study. We follow trends. We read the updates Google provides. In short, we make sure every technical advantage is given to you, our customers that we want to see succeed.

But for all the technical expertise that Akin IT Services and our contemporaries can offer, there’s one piece that is overlooked often…a piece that you (the customer) can probably state far better than we ever could. That is the user experience. For all our knowledge of alt tags, SEF URLs and keyword density, we don’t know your customers. To make a search engine campaign successful, you have to provide us with that information.

When working on a search engine optimization campaign, either organic or pay per click, make sure that you are involved in the process. Bring your expertise with your audience to us, so we can incorporate it to our technical expertise. Think about it in the same way you would if you were buying a car. We could put on all the television commercials, newspaper ads, email campaigns and calling campaigns to get you to our car lot. The problem though is that if you got there and found a lot full of lemons from the 1970s, you simply wouldn’t be buying what we’re selling. The same is true with search engine optimization. We can get the traffic to your website, but if we do so while leaving your site unfriendly and unfamiliar to your customers, they will undoubtedly move on to someone else. Your expertise of what YOUR customers look for is every bit as important as any technical change we can make to your website.

Stay part of the process.

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