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In the early days of the internet, you made your statement about your business on your website. That statement was generally taken as an absolute truth. In the modern age however, your reputation is as much the product of your business statement as it is your customer’s reaction to goods you sell or services you provide. The search engines now consider online reviews when ranking a website in organic search. Because of this, Reputation Management has become a vital part of online presence today!

By now, we’ve all seen or heard of a bad review disrupting a business’ reputation. Social media has changed how businesses are evaluated. It has opened the door for problems to arise from unfortunate experiences or perceptions of your customers. Akin IT Services aims to give the power of your reputation back to you. We do this through our Reputation Management and Online Review Generation services.

Reputation Management and Online Review Generation Is The Answer

Image: New Reviews, StrategiesWhile nothing is foolproof online, Akin IT Services will install a system into your online operation that heavily increases your ability to expand the number of positive reviews you receive. Positive reviews from customers are developed and posted in the appropriate places (Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). Further, we create a system where negative reviews can be addressed by your company’s management team. This allows issues to be addressed with both your frustrated customer and your staff. Our reputation management strategies are designed to protect your business from being hurt by frustrated customers or internet trolls. We act as your “reputation defender”.

If you want to control and improve your online reputation, let Akin IT Services install our Reputation Management app on your website and show you just how to grow the positive reputation of your brand today!

Let Akin IT Services Improve Your Online Reviews

Google, Facebook and Yelp all gather online reviews on your business that you don’t have any control of. This truly makes it risky to leave customer generation open to a single person’s bad impression of your business. A single disgruntled employee can hurt your bottom line. Akin IT Services online Reputation Management solution makes your company less susceptible to individual reviews. It grows your reputation in a positive way. It also limits your vulnerability from negative postings.

Akin IT Services offers one of the best online reputation management solutions available. Call us at (330) 732-5460 for more information today.