Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly known, has become the biggest buzz word in the online community today. Thousands of SEO Marketing firms have popped up all over the internet with all kinds of claims of how their service will turn your unknown business into the leader of online traffic on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other leaders in the online search community. At AKIN IT SERVICES, we are more than happy to customize your website in order to best optimize it to generate traffic. We know how to optimize your website, and we’re standing by to do so.

At AKIN IT SERVICES, we have three comprehensive plans for website optimization designed to meet your search engine needs:

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Keyword Analysis – We’ll work with you to set up the best set of keywords for your website for the specific searches you want to be optimized for. We’ll compare your ideal search with the top 10 websites within your search criteria, and will help you optimize your page to compete with these sites.

Image: SEO, Search Engine OptimizationKeyword Density Analysis – Having the right keywords is fine, but there is an art to where they are placed on your pages, and the way they are placed. AKIN IT SERVICES will review your keyword density to ensure their placement provides optimal results.

Website Submission To Search Engines – It’s one of the most important steps to take to ensure your website comes up in search engine searches, yet it’s one of the most overlooked functions that companies do when creating their web presence. Doing site optimization is the first step, but without submitting your site to the search engines, it’s wasted effort. AKIN IT SERVICES will submit your website to over 100 of the most critical search engines and sub-engine sites which feed the major players to ensure your website is properly engaged and “spidered”.

Spider Analysis and Submission – Many search engines utilize a process called “spidering” in order to index and record the tags, keywords and content of your website. AKIN IT SERVICES will not only analyze your website to optimize what is registered when the search engines spider your site, but will process your site so every page is spidered, and not only your home page.

External Link Generator Campaigns – Another key aspect of an enhanced website is the number of websites which link to your site. AKIN IT SERVICES will develop a campaign to request links from 3rd party websites to best grow your website in ranking.

Site Map Generator – Google has made having a site map a critical part of any search engine optimization project. AKIN IT SERVICES will generate and place a site map for you to further develop your website.

Image, search engine optimization, seo, site monitoringSite Monitoring – It’s one thing to set up your website with great SEO in place, but it’s another thing entirely to consistently track your website and ensure that all is right as your page develops, or as things change with your competitor’s website which may give them a competitive edge over you. AKIN IT SERVICES will develop a monitoring program for your site to ensure you have the best SEO in place, and that it stays the best.


Simply, AKIN IT SERVICES will not promise or guarantee you a top 10 ranking in any search engine. The reality is that while many companies guarantee a top ranking on a major search engine, the way they do it generally is done in a way that either makes your site highly ranked on a search that isn’t common, or by using techniques that are frowned upon by the major search engines. AKIN IT SERVICES utilizes a smart, ethical approach and recommended website optimization techniques that honor the organic aspect of Search Engine Optimization that will establish your website on the internet in both the short and long term.

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