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Social Media is a fact of your business life. Almost every customer or potential customer you encounter has an active social media account of some sort, and most of them engage their peers with it daily. Given this fact, it is imperative that a business, be it a small business or a Fortune 100 Corporation, actively engage with social media effectively in order to generate new business, repeat business and brand awareness. It is imperative to have active and optimized social media accounts to drive business contact to you.

At Akin IT Services, we believe there are five factors that are crucial to the growth of a successful Social Media presence for a business. They are:

  1. Daily Posts
  2. New, Original Content
  3. Interactions with Your Audience
  4. Monitoring of Growth In Traffic/Followers (Insights)
  5. Connection with Your Audience…and THEIR Audience

With these principles in mind, Akin IT Services takes an aggressive approach to acting as your social media management team.

What An Akin IT Services Social Media Campaign Can Do For Your Company

Social Media, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Management, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, PinterestCreation Of New, Original Content. We’ve all seen “canned” content that is used by marketing organizations for multiple customers. We don’t do that. Instead, we create fresh content that is geared specifically to developing your brand, marketing your products, selling your services and engaging your customers. We work hard to create content that connects with your acquired audience as well as the potential clients you need to increase revenue for your business.

Interaction With Your Potential Customers. The word “social” is often forgotten in social media marketing. It shouldn’t be. Your social media outlets are NOT merely the classified ads of the last century. They are more like that difficult first meeting that takes a potential from a cold lead to a warm one. At Akin IT Services, we interact with your potential customers to “de-ice” them. This way, by the time they interact with your sales team, there’s already a needed trust level built between potential customer and seller. That trust is what separates successful businesses from those that don’t make it.

Increase Of Active Followers. It’s simple math, really. The more people that are following you, the more they are aware of your brand, your services and your products. That awareness will make you the name that comes to mind when it’s time to purchase. Through modern techniques like implementation of hashtags, liking other people’s posts, following peers and appropriate collegues, etc., we will grow your audience and allow your message to be received by more people.

The Platforms Akin IT Services Can Manage For You


At Akin IT Services, we work with the top social media sites to ensure that your business is optimized correctly, and is continually fed new postings designed to build an audience, recognize the brand and develop traffic that converts to new customers.

Image: Facebook

Facebook. Facebook is still the biggest platform on the market, and the one that the most business customers interact with. Akin IT Services will develop your company page to give it a fresh and inviting look and feel. We’ll provide organic posts each business day. We’ll engage in Facebook advertising campaigns to increase awareness of your products, services or events. We will interact with people that react to the postings on your site. We will alert the appropriate people in your organization when a potential seems ready for more direct interaction with your sales team. We will also ensure that potentials have the necessary information to work directly with your organization when they are ready to purchase.

Image: TwitterTwitter. While you only get 280 characters with Twitter, there is a lot of leading and prospecting you can do with them. Akin IT Services will produce fresh content to promote brand and product awareness, and begin the development of 1 on 1 relationships between potentials and your organization. Your Twitter status will draw new business, and the proper use of hashtags in postings will lead to new business prospects finding you through Twitter Search.

Image: InstagramInstagram. Rising quickly in the social media marketing strategy, Instagram showcases your brand, products and services visually through the use of photos. Through the use of photographs, smart content and highly trafficked hashtags, Akin IT Services will improve your brand awareness.

Image: LinkedInLinkedIn. You’re in business, right? Where better to reach business customers than on the largest social media outlet for business professionals. Posts through LinkedIn will accentuate the products, services and happenings for your business. Akin IT Services will provide these posts, as well as other useful things that may be more appropriate on this outlet, such as employment posting or contracting opportunities. We know how to use LinkedIn to generate business. Let our experience generate leads and customers for your business.

Image: YelpReview Sites. For traditional “brick and mortar” businesses, review sites can be critical to the acquisition of new customers. At Akin IT Services, our professionals will not only create a professional look for your business on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare and Google+, but we’ll help encourage your audience to leave positive feedback which, ultimately, will generate future revenue for your organization.

Social Media Marketing is no longer an additional duty for your entry level employee that doesn’t have enough to do. It’s one of the most important advertising mediums in business today, and it should be handled by professionals that are skilled in it. Akin IT Services personnel are the professionals you are looking for.

For more information or to discuss a social media campaign to fit your organization, please call us at (330) 732-5460.