There’s no question that in 2018, the online presence for your company or brand is directly influenced by people’s online interactions. With over 2.5 BILLION people on social media today, your next customer is (more than likely) a social media user.

With that said, you need to ensure that your social media is not only important for presenting your brand, but for having your content available to share where the customers of your customers can easily learn about you. With the bulk of small and mid-sized businesses having their websites now built in WordPress, it’s clear you need to have the right social plugins installed to optimize your site’s ability to share your material in cyberspace.

Here’s the top 3 plugins for WordPress that Akin IT Services feels can best enhance your WordPress website:

  1. Mashshare Social Media Share Buttons. Easy to set up and super easy to customize, this is a good one for someone that just needs something quick, easy and that can do the job.
  2. Kiwi Social Share. While it lacks the customization of Mashshare, it doesn’t really need it. It’s easy to set up, and it seemingly has more social media accounts which you can share to.
  3. Add This Social Buttons. This is an older company in the social world, but a great one. It has hundreds of networks which you can share to. You can easily customize this one to fit your needs.

There’s many more as well. Our bottom line is that if you have content that you want to share, you should have one of these plugins installed, configured and working for you.

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